Arc spray metallization Zinc, properties:

  • Even in the most aggressive environments, as well as in the environment of chemical exposure, these coatings stand out for their durability compared to painted surfaces.
  • It does not contain organic components that could adversely affect stored products such as oil or petroleum products.
  • Has a natural multilayer surface and roughness of 10 -20% by volume. This property is important in the design of complex composite surfaces, thus using surfaces in heating and cooling installations, where not only anti-corrosion surfaces but also thermophysical properties are important.
  • Distinguished by plastic and shrinkage properties.
  • Unique surface recovery properties after mechanical impact.
  • Very long service life, which is equivalent to the service life of the product itself

Comparison with hot-dip galvanizing and galvanic surfaces:

  • metallisation of zinc does not require large equipment dimensions and huge energy resources.
  • There are no dimensional limitations, the complexity of the construction also does not affect the electrolytic metallization with zinc.
  • With this method, it is possible to obtain a much thicker surface compared to hot-dip galvanizing or galvanizing.
  • After metallization of zinc is painted immediately without any additional operations

Arc spray metallization of zinc is used in bridges, reservoirs, ships, road barriers, hangars, etc. in construction.