About us

The company has implemented the most advanced technologies and computerized equipment covering the entire production cycle of metal structures, as well as a complex production accounting program that allows planning the production stages and managing the equipment. Innovations in this technology are one of the most important steps in ensuring maximum production quality. UAB Aldeva is known not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. The company was one of the first in Lithuania to start supplying HSQ beams to the Scandinavian countries
The company's mission is to nurture the traditions of a stable and dynamically developing full-cycle manufacturing company. Production of products that meet all customer requirements. Successfully expand the company's growth, adhere to its planned strategies and execute business transactions, strictly to achieve the set goals.
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hangars
  • Logistics centers
  • Sports buildings and stadiums
  • Summer cafes
  • Bulky metal products
  • Non-standard constructions

Thanks to high-quality products and the implementation of all the set goals, most of our new customers become regular. The largest production and construction companies in Lithuania and Norway are among our main customers. By successfully investing in equipment and human resources, UAB Aldeva is constantly improving and striving for new quality standards. Currently, modern technologies are used in the production of metal structures. The company has managed to establish itself in the market of complex building structures and its customers have become the largest construction companies in Lithuania.
Principles and advantages
Flexible pricing policy. Complex work - the principles of our specialists with each customer, and the principles of mutual cooperation - a guarantee for the provision of quality services. Our advantages are a wide range of tasks: from design to project implementation. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in the design and production of large projects. Production areas allow the production of large-scale constructions.
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