Precision assembly

JSC"Aldeva" uses a system of assembly and welding tables of the company "Siegmund" for the assembly of metal structures.

The basic principle of Siegmund assembly and welding systems is versatility and ease of use.Siegmund assembly and welding systems are a wide range of accessories consisting of workbenches, modules, supports, blocks that allow the base to be formed and subsequently configured for various welding tasks. change the design of the products from one to another as well as the welded product in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost, which means that with the same set of elements, you can get a set of very precise, completely different designs.

Key features:
  • a universal system that allows you to assemble an 18x6x3 m template
  • extremely accurate assembly with an error of + -0.1mm on 12 m
  • welding does not distort the structure
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