Design of steel construction

      Monolithic constructions, metal technological equipment, advertising stand constructions, metal constructions of administrative and public buildings, pedestrian bridge constructions in Norway, metal constructions of warehouses, metal constructions of technological equipment sites, home visualizations.

Design of industrial structures

We provide design services for special buildings and structures. The design of industrial structures includes all industrial and promotional buildings. We will professionally prepare production drawings, even from the most complex project.

Design of residential structures
We design individual and repeated residential houses, renovation and reconstruction of old houses. At the design stage, we provide the customer with the most optimal solution taking into account the overall objectives of the project. We prepare technical and work projects of buildings with detailed construction drawings and quantities of materials.
Bridge design
We design bridges, viaducts, underground pedestrian crossings for various purposes. We design metal and concrete structures. We offer solutions for the most accurate calculations.
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